Profile photo of Vijay Bhagwandas, a portrait

My name is Vijay Bhagwandas, I am a photographer and web designer. I have a background in Applied Physics and experience with making effective presentations. With my photographic skills, I would like to share some photo’s on this site to show that imaging can be art. Imaging is not only taking photos but also making a representation. Representing you, pitching your business and thinking about how you want to be seen. Therefore I would like to use my photographic, pitching, and website developing skills to make website where your product or occupation stays central. With my focus on profiling persons and small businesses, I can make a great combination of both photography and website development to make a good representation of you. My ambition is to make an excellent profile of you, your business, or your products to promote your project.

The goal of Imaging & Arts is to promote your startup, small business, or personal profile by combining photography with website development. Not just taking photos or just making websites but combining these to promote you or your project effectively by understanding you and what your wishes are.

My passion for photography is summarized in my impressive way of capturing the moment. It is also the easiest way to create art, just use the image you see and imagine, use your imagination to make something nice out of it. The optics of a photo camera are also interesting. It is a good piece of technology with some great physics behind it. Imaging & Arts has also the ambition to make art out of photography, examples can be found in albums.

Because Imaging & Arts is focused on the entrepreneurs and workers, we have put some inspirational quotes on the homepage.

Think about how I can help you with my specialty.

Hope you will enjoy images from the photo albums and portfolio on this site!

Vijay Bhagwandas