Profile Website or Online CV

Are you a contractor of freelancer and do you want to be visible on the internet? Do you want a website where your profession is central? Then a profile website or online CV will be a good idea for you.

How does profile making work? You choose a template and provide the information to make a CV and pitch. Your photos will be made for your website and your profile will be made. After this there is a possibility for one review and the changes will be implemented. After completion all files and licences will be handed over to you. Updates are possible ad extra costs.

Competitive prices are arising due to efficiency. To guarantee sharp prices, two WordPress templates are chosen to create a personal profile. Of course you can also choose a different template to make profiles at additional costs. Please find more information in this service on

At Imaging and Arts you already have a profile starting from €350,- excl. VAT (€423,- incl. VAT for consumers). You get discount because it is a full package, discount is included in the price. This price in only valid for this package with these templates. Price is including photos and pitch.


Are you a fanatical sportsman, do you give nutritional advice, do you give scientific updates, are you a technology fan, gadget freak or otherwise original? Do you want others to track your activities? Do you want to give updates on your own website? Then a Blog will be a good idea for you. Making a blog is really simple, you choose a WordPress template and you’re ready to go.

Do you not know about websites making, do you not care about web design and technical matters but just like to blog? In that case you can come to us! Imaging and Arts guides you in choosing your hosting provider and can make a website for you so you can directly start posting. And an addition you can also purchase photography and presentation services so that the Blog is customized with your subject!

At Imaging and Arts you already have a Blog starting from €210,- excl. VAT (€250,- incl. VAT for consumers).

Web design for small businesses

Do you have a small business and want to present yourself on the internet? Do you want to give some background information regarding your company, do you want your clients to make an appointment, do you want to show your clients your products, services or anything else? Then constructing a website will be a good idea for you.

These websites are more complicated and takes more effort to make. Do you want to focus on the enterprise and not construct your website yourself? In that case you can come to us! We will do the web design where your product or service is central. And as an addition you can purchase photography services to complete your website.

Quotation on request.

Hosting website

We can guide you with your hosting provider in The Netherlands. You can choose any hosting provider you want, we do web design with any hosting provider.

Quotation on request.

Marketing campaign

It is important to be findable on the web. For this, a good campaign is necessary. Imaging and Arts can take care of this properly. Services that can be offered include i.a.

  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Advertisement campaign met Bing Ads and Google Adworks

We ensure that you can analyze where and how many visitors you have in order to determine your marketing strategy and reach to your target audience is still correct. We will take care that you will get higher in the rankings of popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo with targeted key words. This is important to reach your target audience. When you want to promote yourself, an event of you or want to highlight products and services we can start an advertisement campaign for you. We do this in a way that people who are looking for certain information see your ad as well as people in the region of interest. This is necessary as you don’t want to ‘waste’ your money to people who are not your target audience but rather focus where you can make profit.

Quotation on request.