You might be wandering, why do we add advertisement on our website?

We dedicate this page to make you understand why Imaging & Arts adds advertisement on their website. The most important reason is obviously to get some additional income from advertisement to reduce costs. All the equipment like cameras and lenses do cost money. And in order to justify to buy more advanced equipment, such that we can show more beautiful pictures to you and make better profile pictures of you, we advertise.

So now you are asking, do you not earn enough on your webdesign or photography jobs? Well, in order to offer services with those sharp prices, which are extremely useful for staring entrepreneurs, contractors or small business, we can use the money from advertisements to pay for supportive equipment and the upgrade of it. After all, equipment cost money and usage does cause wear and tear and should be replaced. We could choose not to do that but that would be at the expense of a higher rate. We have adds to make it cheaper for you!


We realize that with we will advertise for our competition in photography and webdesign, but we don’t mind doing that. In the end, you are the one that decides where you want to take your services and where you feel good at. We are aware of that you can go to the competition but we are confident in we have the best offer in terms of services, quality and sharp prices for our target audience. Besides, the probability that you will visit our website from outside The Hague is high, so it will become expensive to hire us due to travel expenses. In this case it might be in your advantage to hire a local photographer which you can find through advertisements.

How do you recognize our advertisement?

We intend not to place it on annoying places, therefore most ads are either in the sidebar or footer. Sometimes ads are in between text or at the top or bottom of the page like in the albums or portfolio. We use Google Adsense for advertisement, which stands for quality and assures us and you that we do not have annoying pop-ups, have strict policy regarding legal contents and many more benefits. Adds are either with images and look like this:

Or are with only text and look like this: