In this page you can find some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding this website and the services that Imaging & Arts offers.

Why is the website so slow?

Because there are many photos on this site it might take a long time to download those photos. We are momently busy to optimize the speed without compromising the number of photos.

Why are there advertisements on this site?

Everything costs money and to reduce the costs we decided to have advertisement on the website. Please find more on this at the page why advertisement?

Why are prices excluding VAT?

The prices are shown excluding VAT as our target audience are mostly entrepreneurs, contractors and small business. For consumers VAT will be added to the price.

Are you registered in the Chamber of Commerce?

Yes we are, or registration number is 65301056.

Do you have a VAT number?

Yes we have, this is NL144817925B01.

Why do you charge travel expenses outside The Hague?

The reason is that traveling cost money and time. You should realize that travel time also counts as a part of working time.

Why don’t you charge travel expenses inside The Hague?

This is done as a part of discount.

What equipment do you use?

We have different kind of equipment and accessories, our main DSLR is a Nikon D5100 with different lenses, including prime and zoom lenses. We also own a studio kit for product and portrait photography.

We also have different kind of accessories to be used during photography, like umbrellas and soft boxes.

Our rate is including equipment, but we can also rent other type of equipment, like more advanced camera or accessories. This will be at additional costs.

You operate in The Netherlands, why is your website bilingual in Dutch and English?

We want to show our photos to the whole world. We give a description explaining what is photographed. We also have other information which might be useful. As English is the universal language which is understood by most people in the world we have also an English version. We have translated everything so that visitors can also understand who Imaging & Arts is and have some background information.