Do you want to explain in two minutes who you are and what your benefits are? Then an elevator pitch is a good thing for you. Where might an effective elevator pitch be useful?

The advantages of a good elevator pitch is that it takes less time. It takes a less time for your target to determine if you are interesting. And it takes less time for you, if you soon know that someone does not want you the you can stop spending time on something you will not get it and you can look for another investor. In fact, your time is too precious and should be spent usefully! Because if keep making efforts to someone who has no interest then you are risking not speaking someone who is interested in you. It remains essential that the pitch should be effective and truth.

  • Tell in two minutes who you are, what you can and how you can benefit

  • Pitch yourself, your company and your product

  • Help to pitch your new innovative product to find investors

  • Example elevator pitch can be found here

  • Example personal elevator pitch can be found here

During a job interview

A pitch can be effective to answer the question ‘Tell me something about yourself’. In two to five minutes you can effectively sell yourself and make a good impression. It also shows that you are well prepared, interested and that you know what you are doing.

On your Curriculum Vitae or Resume

This can be done on your online profile, LinkedIn account or elsewhere as on your traditional CV. Write a short piece about yourself, where you are good at, what your benefits are and what your track record is. Of course it should not be too large because it will not be read when too long.

On your website on the page ‘about us’

Briefly tell about your company, a concise introduction where the essence of your story is told. Of course you can extend this to other paragraphs or pages to give your visitors and customers more background information, but this is the first thing that people can read quickly to decide whether they want to read further.

And of course where the elevator pitch was meant for

Suppose that you are working on a project and are looking for investors, potential clients or to convince your management. Then suddenly you bump up to an important person which is busy and a lot on his or her mind. Then it is best to make sure that you have already completed your pitch. Then you can tell in 1 or 2 minutes, the time that you are in an elevator with that person, explain who you are, what your benefits are and the solution you have for the problem you are solving. If this person finds it interesting, he or she will make an appointment so that you can tell more. But the first two minutes are essential to determine that you are interesting, in other words, have something to add to this person.

We use a method described by O’Leary. This method is in a nutshell 9 C’s:


It contains as few words as possible, but no fewer (and no more) than 250 words


In an effective elevator pitch is not typically used big words or jargon, it should be understood by everyone


It explains the problem your solution solves


It explains why you are qualified to see the problem and to build the solution


It stays at a fairly high level and does not go into much unnecessary detail


As much as possible it is also specific and tangible


Every version of your pitch conveys the same message


It expresses the specific interests and concerns of the audience


An effective elevator pitch is designed just to start a conversation with the audience