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Free wallpapers are offered to use as the photos are not easy to download. These images are optimized for screen with a low resolution. These photos may be used as a wallpaper but can also be used for a presentation on screen. It is prohibited to print and/or sell the images. Do you want to print it? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

There is a watermark on a corner. We add this as the wallpapers are given away for free. This is done for branding. We want to show that we have made those images. In case others see the photo they can visit our website to see all the other photos.

Imaging and Arts offers more than just free wallpapers

Imaging and Arts offers services in photography and web design. Are you, or do you know someone who wants to make themselves discoverable on the web? Then you can contact us. We make among others portraits and profile photos for LinkedIn and Social Media. We are able to make product photos for your website, web shop or a flyer. We also make websites, like an online CV/resume or personal profile website for freelancers and contractors. We also make Blogs for bloggers and websites for small businesses. We also deliver services to make your website findable and visible, like Search Engine Operations (SEO) and Internet Advertisement Campaigns.